Level-up your coaching as you watch how it's done.

Witness experienced coaches in action as part of a live coaching session. Ask questions. Hear their reflections. Practice what you learn. Live and via our Vault of recorded sessions.

It’s hard to find good coaching in action. And harder to find a safe space to process, question and deconstruct a coaching session.

coach looking for a coaching demo
  • If you’ve ever scoured YouTube for coaching demonstrations in an effort to learn from the best coaches and to find quality coaching live, you’ve probably been disappointed by what’s out there.
  • Occasionally you’ll find a decent coaching session, but mostly it’s of questionable quality, clearly staged, or lacking any useful reflections shared after. 

  • Then there’s your training, where all the coaching you saw was likely by your peers. Or if you got lucky and your trainer demo’d something, it was probably just a few minutes. 

  • You’re left wondering what good coaching looks like “out in the real world”…

The real problem is that it’s difficult to imagine how the principles and theories from your training and textbooks apply when you sit in front of your clients. While you may be discussing how each session went in your peer network or with your coach supervisor, you probably find yourself craving more exposure to different coaching styles, approaches and global perspectives.

But it's not your fault...

The truth is that you’ll hardly get the chance to witness a master coach at work. Or the space to understand how certain decisions were made, and how the coaching session really landed with the client. Your average training program doesn’t dive deep into the trenches. It doesn’t offer you a window into global perspectives and approaches to coaching. 


Yannick Jacob!

Hey, I am Yannick. I am an existential coach and a coach supervisor. I teach coaching at Cambridge University and and coaching supervision at the International Centre for Coaching Supervision.

The short story is that I love helping coaches learn. I’m passionate about creating communities in which we connect, grow and learn together. I’ve worked with and helped new and seasoned coaches in various capacities for over a decade. I challenge those I am with to ponder, discuss, wrestle and engage with new ways of thinking and being.

Here’s what I've heard a million times now:

coaching demo for coaches during a live coaching session
What most of my students and peers liked about their coach training was to:

It was clear to me that we need an event that’s dedicated to just that!

And thus, Yannick’s Coaching Lab was born.

A space where we invite experienced coaches for a real-time coaching session. As you get to be a fly on the wall and watch it live, you get to hear the client’s and coach’s reflections, dissect them with other coaches, extract insights and cement those in breakout practice rooms. 

I love the variety of approaches you have created. Every month there's something new to learn form each coaching session. It really elevates the shared conversation about what effective coaching looks like.

– Catherine Cheshire, PCC Executive coach

Enjoy the privilege of sitting in on the magic that often happens in coaching rooms around the world - with a diverse group of coaches & real clients.

At this point (2023), we’re over 45 Labs and over 3 years into this journey, and we love what it has become. Over time we’ve built a sizable Vault of recorded sessions which are a well-spring of learning and development and available to our members to freely dig into. 

Here’s how it works


We start with a 45-minute live coaching session. Watch skilful practitioners in their element with a real client. Feel the thrill of watching the magic unfold right before you. The peaks, plateaus and dips - raw and unfiltered.


Hear the coach and client’s reflections, get curious and ask anything you like during our 45 minutes follow-up and Q&A session. Connect the dots as we dissect how the session went, how it landed with the client, or why certain techniques and questions were chosen.


Practice in triads (coach, practice client and an observer) to hone your skills, get inspired by different styles and receive some feedback on your coaching (and indeed some free coaching for yourself).

Put your lab coat on!

It’s called a “Lab” for a reason! We take the science attitude seriously. 

Sometimes that means the whole thing blows up in your face – but as long as we talk about what just happened and make sense of it together, we learn, we grow.

So it isn’t necessarily about the quality of the coaching session, or the results created during the session. It’s about finding the what, why and how. There’s ALWAYS excellent learning in every single lab and we’re excited that you get to be a part of it.

Inside the Coaching Lab, we’ll facilitate the conversation and, together with the featured coach on the day, explain the occasional coaching model, theory, process or intervention where appropriate.

Some of these coaching conversations will blow your socks off! They are so diverse and unique. A fabulous way to expand your horizons on what coaching could be.

– Summie Yeung, Life & Career Coach

Test the waters with a commitment-free monthly membership, or join as a VIP member for access to the entire Vault of recorded coaching demonstrations.

Annual membership of 444£










A month’s membership costs 37GPB and gives you access to one live Coaching Lab each month as well as the most recent recording. As a VIP member, you invest 397GPB each year to cover 12 events, and you get to enjoy immediate access to the entire Vault of recorded coaching sessions, including reflections by the coach and client and the Q&A with the audience: over 50 hours of high-level demos and quality learning.

Whatever you choose, right off the bat you can dig into a well-spring of experience and inspiration, and you’ve got our next event to look forward to.

The Coaching Lab is a unique opportunity to witness and unwrap a live coaching session with other coaches. 

But more than that, it’ll inspire you to think and see differently as you –

If you’ve ever felt that it gets lonely as a coach and you’d like to do more than just read books and attend courses for upskilling, this is where your search ends.

There’s no better opportunity to experience closely what great coaching can do and the kind of shifts it can create for clients.

Yannick has brought together such an eclectic mix of coaches to share their coaching models and approaches that there is always something for everyone to learn. With new labs each month, the vault is brimming with best practice examples that can add value to a coach irrespective of where they are in their journey

– Clive leach, Executive coach

The Coaching Lab is where you are reminded of the immense impact you can create as a coach if you are committed to excellence.

This lab is for coaches who want to learn and grow their skills over a long time. That’s why I invite you to stay longer and let yourself be challenged and surprised by the wealth of experiential learning in these sessions. 

If you are with me, now is the time to make a choice. You can meander through the half baked coaching demos or you can be a fly on the wall and witness this immersive and inspiring coaching experience with the Coaching Lab.   

PS: Non-coaches, curious about what coaching might look and feel like or keen to get some free coaching from our members during the practice breakouts, are more than welcome!

PPS: If you would like to get some free coaching from one of our invited guests, and you wouldn’t mind an (invisible) audience, you can apply to be a client for one of our invited coaches here.

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Watch the likes of : Prof Windy Dryden (CBT & CBC pioneer), Robert Stephenson (Centre Director, Animas) and Dr. Magdalena Bak Maier as observe and absorb the magic happening inside these lab sessions.

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