How much should I charge for coaching?

Coaching fees vary greatly. When it comes to setting fees, both new and seasoned coaches alike can struggle to find the right fee for their practice.

How much should I charge for coaching? is common question and an important one! Not only are fees vital to maintaining a coaching business, but the question itself brings up many other issues.

In this episode of Talking about Coaching Yannick, Siawash, and Nicky discuss some of the fundamentals concepts behind fees, overcoming fears, and how to set fees for your new or growing coaching business.

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This is not Ikigai

Yannick Jacob, Coach, Trainer, Supervisor, Ikigai

What burst another bubble?  Most of you will have heard of Ikigai, the Japanese concept that has often been translated as your “reason for getting up in the morning”, and beautifully depicted in a wonderful Venn diagram as a meeting point between what you love doing, what you’re good at, what the world needs and…

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I want to charge more. How can I increase my prices?

Yannick Jacob, Talking about Coaching, increasing coaching fees, confidence

*This is part of a series of blog posts created in collaboration with writer and fellow existential coach Marcie Boyer based on content produced with my fellow Talking about Coaching podcasters Siawash Zahmat and Nicki Drab. These articles are aimed at coaches who are just starting out, but you can always send us a question…

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The formula for setting coaching fees?

Formula for setting fees, Yannick Jacob, Coach, Supervisor, Trainer

Over the years one of the most frequently asked question we’ve been asked is how much to charge for coaching. The answer isn’t quite that simple. However, along the way I’ve discovered a number of factors that (should) play into how much I charge for my services. Many of these factors I hadn’t taken into account during the first 5 years of working as a coach and when I finally did I found it quite easy to increase my prices.

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How do I get more clients?

Talking about Coaching, episode 2, How to get more clients, Yannick Jacob

This is the ‘big one’, perhaps the most frequently asked question. Coaches need clients and clients need coaches. But building that bridge can be tricky, especially if clients don’t know about you or what coaching can do for them.

In this episode of Talking about Coaching, Yannick, Siawash, and Nicki share a few strategies for getting the next client.

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Making eye contact with coaching clients on Zoom

For years I’ve been using Zoom, and since last March (2020 – the pandemic year) I’ve been seeing all of my clients online, most via video chat. Anybody who works with relationships will probably agree that being able to look someone directly in the eye is such an important element when we meet someone or sit…

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Coaching & Psychedelics?

Yannick Jacob, Coaching & Psychedelics

I’m tempted to write a long bit as to how coaching & psychedelics can benefit each other (and indeed, beyond what I’m already offering, I am in the process of authoring an academics white paper on the topic), but at this point I just wanted to share what might be a historic step in the…

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How I put my prices up – fair & equitable (I hope)

Raising prices has always been a weak point of mine. My mum instilled a strong sense of fairness in me and in combination with living on relatively little money throughout my 20s and knowing what it’s like to want to attend exciting events but unable to afford it, I developed a bit of resistance. Now I…

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Trauma-informed Coaching?

Trauma-informed Coaching for narcissistic abuse, Caroline Strawson, Yannick's Coaching Lab

In January we welcome Caroline Strawson to the Lab. I’ve met Caroline when she did her Masters in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology and since she’s graduated her coaching went from strength to strength. I’m particularly interested in her approach to working with trauma combining elements of coaching and therapy to help people overcome adversity and narcissistic abuse. Fascinating stuff and I can’t wait to see her in action.

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