Who’s really profiting from coaching?

At the end of the year, every year so far, I spent all the money that I had earned through coaching. My clients, however, often reap the benefits for years, decades even, the rest of their life perhaps. The value that a powerful coaching relationship offers is enormous. And when I think about what we’re…

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Tales from the Coaching Room

There’s something riveting about being a fly on the wall in a room where big things are happening. It’s enticing to be able to witness two people having a life-changing conversation, without the responsibility of having any skin in the game I believe this is why gossip magazines are so popular, and Prince Harry’s book…

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To interrupt or not to interrupt

“The promise that changes everything”. That’s how legendary coach Nancy Kline framed her commitment not to interrupt her clients. Holding space for people’s thinking to take place without anyone interfering, sits at the heart of her Time To Think approach, and has revolutionised many a coach’s practice and results. In a recent episode of Animas’s Coaching…

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Co-active Coaching with Quinn Simpson (Lab report #34)

Curious to know more? Have a peek at this month’s Lab Report below or consider membership to access the recording of this and many more exciting coaching sessions (including a 45min debrief and Q&A with coach and client). Yannick’s Coaching Lab #34 — Quinn Simpson Summary  Quinn Simpson is the co-founder of Graydin, an enterprise that brings coaching into…

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How much should I charge for coaching?

Coaching fees vary greatly. When it comes to setting fees, both new and seasoned coaches alike can struggle to find the right fee for their practice.

How much should I charge for coaching? is common question and an important one! Not only are fees vital to maintaining a coaching business, but the question itself brings up many other issues.

In this episode of Talking about Coaching Yannick, Siawash, and Nicky discuss some of the fundamentals concepts behind fees, overcoming fears, and how to set fees for your new or growing coaching business.

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This is not Ikigai

Yannick Jacob, Coach, Trainer, Supervisor, Ikigai

What burst another bubble?  Most of you will have heard of Ikigai, the Japanese concept that has often been translated as your “reason for getting up in the morning”, and beautifully depicted in a wonderful Venn diagram as a meeting point between what you love doing, what you’re good at, what the world needs and…

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Time to ponder some powerful questions?

There was a time when the holiday period was a peaceful one, quiet and full of space to ponder. I used to reflect on the year that had passed and the year ahead, what I had learned and what I wanted to do differently going forward… Times have changed for me and life is more…

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Who are you?

Not “who are you?” But “who are you?” What sits at the core of your being? What makes you you? How would you describe yourself? What drives you? What do you stand for? What are the attributes that define you? How do others perceive you? What’s your “Why”? How would you know you’re being authentic? Maybe you have an answer…

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“Be of service” they said…

I’ve been thinking about what it means to serve, lately…  Having recently spent a week abroad within a cultural context where “coaching” is seen as a “tell me what to do” kind of thing, rather than entering a partnership aimed at facilitating someone’s thinking and learning… I was reminded that most people expect their coach to deliver…

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