Are Your Clients Asking
Big Existential Questions?

They always do - But can you spot them underneath the surface?

Deepen your coaching impact with Existential Coaching!
Help your clients develop existential resilience and navigate their life & career with courage and meaning.

Invite Your Clients to Have the Conversations That Matter!

As a coach, I’m sure you’ve been there: Underneath the “presenting issue,” there are bigger conversations to be had that unlock a whole ‘nother level of progress.

When we have the conversations that really matter, many clients keep circling back to the same existential concerns. They question their purpose or feel lost trying to navigate their life or career. Maybe they’re facing endings & loss, having to make important choices in the face of uncertainty, or struggling to find a sense of belonging.

You’ve offered some tools, but you can sense that a deeper layer needs exploring.

Questions around meaning, death, freedom, and isolation are at the heart of existentialism and will keep popping up in your coaching practice. Questions such as:

  • Who am I? 
  • Is this really it?
  • What’s the point?
  • Am I living well? 
  • What is my purpose?
  • How can I be happy? 
  • How can I make authentic decisions?

Even though you may recognise that these existential concerns are universal, addressing them in a coaching session can still feel overwhelming or difficult to unlock.

What if I told you these are the very questions that hold the key to true resilience and meaning in life.

Even if we’re on the same page here, traditional coaching approaches don’t teach you how to address such big questions, especially when they’re intertwined with anxiety and dread.

This Is Where Existential Coaching Offers a Fresh Perspective and a Framework That Helps You Be a Better Coach

It felt like I suppose what it must have felt like for the audience of Socrates

Martin Knowles, Existential Coaching CPD Participant

What an incredible weekend. I’ve been on an existential high for days. I learned an amazing amount about the philosophy and about myself.

Mark Scott, MA student in coaching

I am starting to see conflict and anxiety in a new “positive” light 🙂

– Jenn

I was struck by the unexpected – the way the discussion is allowed to develop means that surprising and unique connections are made between ideas and personalities and excellent and profound use is mined from all the experience in the room. Definitely recommended!

– Penelope Herts – Life coach and mediator

I was blown away by this course. Yannick was a great teacher, combining metaphor, case study and coaching as he was presenting the course. I learnt a lot more than I expected too and got some great personal shifts, massive changes to my coaching style and finally made the career change I had been putting off for 9 years. Money and time very well spent!

– Ross

Hi, I am Yannick.

Since 2010, I’ve been a professional coach and trainer. Ever since I can think – an explorer of the human condition.

With over 4000 coaching hours on my back and running a dozen supervision groups, I’ve trained, mentored and supervised 1000s of students.

Like you, I believe that life doesn’t operate in a silo. Selective positivity breeds delusion. It’s by facing and understanding the “negative”, the uncomfortable emotions – anxiety, grief, pain, loss, regret – that we unlock our deepest humanity and find true meaning.

That’s why I love helping my clients, as well as coaches like you, embrace the full spectrum of human experience – the joys and sorrows, the triumphs and failures.

I’m a thought leader in the field of Existential Coaching and wrote the introductory textbook on the subject. I’ve been teaching coaching at Masters Level since 2012 and have created coaching curricula across a range of institutions, most notably the ACIC, and most recently the opening module for Cambridge University’s new Coaching Masters. 

Search “Existential Coaching” on Google and you’ll see that I’ve been really into it for a long time, so you could say I know my stuff.

In this course, I won’t promise a quick facelift for your clients’ lives. And there’s no one-size-fits-all rule book to Existential Coaching. Instead, I’ll introduce the landscape and equip you with the tools to create a coaching practice that’s rooted in reality and courage. We’ll explore vulnerability and bias, ensuring your practice is built on competence and integrity. And most importantly, it’ll feel authentic and meaningful.

I know that every coach benefits from adding an existential lens to their practice. It opens new doors for your clients, elevates your coaching, and makes our work a lot more meaningful.

Continuing 8 years of successful training events (see testimonials below) and a book with the same title, I’m excited to announce this online training opportunity for coaches to learn about existentialism and its relevance and application to life and leadership coaching.

Existential Coaching goes beyond surface-level solutions. But you are somewhat right if you think it is philosophically dense and hard to apply. That’s why, in 2021, I decided to distil all the knowledge generated over the past decade and create this online training programme to make the existential approach tangible, digestible, and applicable for coaches.

Forget scripted lectures and cookie-cutter processes! You’ll be joining me and a hand-picked and diverse group of coaches to explore, discuss and apply existential principles. This training is the closest thing I’ve seen to being in the room with a group of learners. 

This ‘Introduction To Existential Coaching’ course was recorded with a hand-picked group of in-the-room students over a two-day period.  It’s packed with the energy and insights that come from real-time interaction with a diverse audience.

You’ll be right there alongside me and your fellow students as we engage in a dynamic conversation, exploring diverse perspectives on existential themes and how to apply them in real life coaching scenarios, including demos, debriefs, and Q&A.

Here's a brief overview of everything you'll get inside :

Master key concepts of existentialism and their application in Coaching. (e.g., explore the core ideas of Sartre, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Heidegger, and others)

Navigate core existential concerns: temporality (endings, death), meaning(-lessness), isolation, and freedom, and how they show up in the coaching room.

Explore the four-worlds model for holistic coaching practice

Utilise powerful models like the “MOVER” and “CREATE” frameworks for existential practice.

Develop masterful listening skills to spot the existential dilemmas of your clients through phenomenological inquiry and bracketing assumptions.

Support clients towards authentic living and meaningful connections.

Work with purpose and meaning, helping clients discover their own unique path.

Study and discuss practical guidelines for responsible existential coaching practice and learn what a client might expect from an existential coach.

Bonus Materials:

5 Demo Coaching Sessions:

Witness real-life coaching scenarios addressing existential themes in a given situation.

3 recorded live coaching demos from our Coaching Lab:

Witness real-life coaching scenarios addressing existential themes run by experienced colleagues of mine.

Ebook by Yannick Jacob:

Free ebook “Existential Coaching: An Introduction to Theory & Practice” is your ideal course companion.

Yannick’s passion and enthusiasm for his subject is immediately infectious. He is an incredibly engaging trainer and makes learning effortless. The content of the course and his delivery of it has had a huge impact on me; both personally in terms of my world view, and professionally in terms of my own coaching practice. Thank you Yannick – a truly inspiring and life-changing weekend of learning.

– Will Harvey, Transformational Coach
Will Harvey Transformational Coaching, London

My feeling after leaving this training is that I'm much more comfortable with existential dilemmas myself.


During my coaching training, I felt a void, an absence of meaning and skills. I longed to relate more and connect meaningfully with my clients. I wanted to explore the phenomenological and profound truths of human experience. When I saw the opportunity you offered this weekend with a wonderful group, I was excited. The experience has been incredibly enriching, and I am taking away a wealth of insights.


Ready to Be a Coach Who Can Navigate the Inevitable Paradoxes of Human Existence?

Many people feel uncomfortable with existential questions and themes. They dismiss an existential approach as too dark, too negative, or too philosophical and removed from the concerns of the real world. 

But if you are a coach who has repeatedly seen its monumental influence on how we think, act, and choose, you know this is the stuff that matters the most. 

We offer two options to engage with this training:


Introduction To Existential Coaching




Gain lifetime access to the entire course curriculum, bonus materials, and ongoing community support.

This is the perfect option if you’re ready to dive deep into existential Coaching and integrate it into your current practice.


Foundations + 1:1 Supervision




Everything in the Foundations Package, PLUS: 
6x50min 1:1 Coaching Supervision Sessions with Yannick: 

  • Deepen your understanding
  • Receive personalised support and supervision
  • Integrate existential Coaching into your practice.

We’ll work together to maximise the impact of the teaching sessions and integrate your new existential lens into your active coaching practice. 

⚡️Our bonuses and the supervision bundle are a time-limited offer! Sale ends in⚡️


Quick Note on supervision: 

The LevelUp offer is for practising coaches committed to integrating what they learn into their existing and future practice. These 1:1 sessions allow you to work closely with me, address specific challenges, and ensure your coaching approach aligns with the core principles of existentialism.

We’ll delve into your coaching scenarios, explore your biases, and refine your skills to create a truly transformative coaching experience for your clients. Please note though that spaces are limited and, depending on demand, there may be a waiting period until 1:1 sessions can commence. Since LevelUp spots are limited, I don’t anticipate waiting times to exceed a few weeks, but either way you’ll have access to all resources within the bundle immediately, and I’d encourage you to use any possible waiting time to work on the course materials before you enter our 1:1 sessions.

I read your wonderful book on existential coaching, it’s truly terrific. 🙏🙏🙏 It’s so accessible and vibrant, full of energy, passion and the all important humour - and your words makes total sense.

Shelley Silas, MA Existential Coahing student at NSPC

Yannick is such a passionate and intelligent person. I thoroughly enjoyed his Existential coaching class because it opened my eyes and my thoughts. I appreciate that he was able to listen to other opinions and ideas besides his own. He gave us the open space to express ourselves and allowed us to ask difficult questions. He is a unique teacher and offers a lot knowledge and perspective. I HIGHLY recommend taking a class or experiencing a life coaching session with him. Thank you so much.

Jodi Wedeen, Coach and Reiki Healer

If You Are Ready to Challenge Yourself, Now Is the Time to Experience the Power of an Existentially Informed Coaching Practice

Come join us and explore the liberating and empowering impact of existential philosophy. Often perceived as nihilistic, or perhaps too truthful to provide a sense of comfort – witness how its profound insights add awareness, courage, ownership, passion, and truth for you and your clients.