I believe in putting your thoughts, questions and experiences out there. You never know what these ripples may turn into or who you might connect with as a result.

Yannick Jacob, Coach, Trainer, Supervisor, Ikigai

This is not Ikigai

What burst another bubble?  Most of you will have heard of Ikigai, the Japanese concept that has often been translated as your “reason for getting up in the morning”, and

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Talking about Coaching, episode 2, How to get more clients, Yannick Jacob

How do I get more clients?

This is the ‘big one’, perhaps the most frequently asked question. Coaches need clients and clients need coaches. But building that bridge can be tricky, especially if clients don’t know

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Keep it real?!

In 1997 I listened to my first ever German rap song. I remember it clearly. We were on a class trip to inner city Frankfurt and my mate had me

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The pursuit of meaning

What’s your “Why”?Who does your work, and your life, serve? What’s your mission?Why are you here?What is your calling? The list could go on for some time, and if I

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Yannick Jacob, Coaching & Psychedelics

Coaching & Psychedelics?

I’m tempted to write a long bit as to how coaching & psychedelics can benefit each other (and indeed, beyond what I’m already offering, I am in the process of

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