Are you looking for a safe/brave and affordable space to process and reflect on your coaching practice?

Create challenge and support for yourself – with group supervision for coaches.

Group Supervision Sessions

Uncover your blind spots and navigate ethical dilemmas in a professionally supervised and facilitated group.

Maybe you just need a sounding board to ensure continued best practice. Or a transformative dialogue to give way to a more suitable and authentic coaching style. Or you want to kick-start your coaching career right off the bat.

Wherever you are in your journey, these group supervision sessions will help you bring more depth and clarity into who you are and how you coach.

What’s in it for you?

The desired outcomes of the supervision vary from coach to coach. The clearer you state your intentions or development goals, the closer we can help you focus on achieving them as a group.

Possible outcomes of coaching supervision include

heightened (self-) awareness,

clarity of worldview (your personal as well as professional values & beliefs);

knowledge of your strengths, blind spots and triggers;

a better understanding of the impact you have on your clients;

more effective coordination of professional action;

a host of practices and strategies to draw on aimed at being a more effective practitioner,

deriving greater satisfaction from your work;

a greater sense of authenticity, meaning and purpose

the ability to take decisive, ethical action in moments of doubt, confidently.

Grow your coaching practice, both in the quality and quantity of your work. Invite congruence and confidence to your coaching while feeling supported and cared for.

Cost & commitment

Your £80/month membership fee covers a 90min session each month, as well as a dedicated WhatsApp group with Yannick and your fellow group members. While I’d like your intention to be that you’re joining a group long-term (think: at least a year), we will only ask you to commit to a minimum of three months, and to pay this amount (£240) in advance as a sign of your commitment to making the group work for you. 

Many years of running groups have taught us that 3 months is the perfect time to really give a group a good chance and let its value flourish (even if perhaps in the beginning it didn’t quite gel yet – that’s not uncommon, and a valuable learning opportunity for coaches. 

Our group members are hand-picked and our selection process has proved itself over the years, so you can trust that you’ll get the most out group supervision as long as you’re committed to showing up fully.

Once you submit the form below, you’re officially on the waiting list and you can book in a call with Yannick straight away, so that together we can make sure we’ll find you the best suitable group.


What is the supervisor’s role?

As the group supervisor, I hold space and structure within the Group. I’ll also help you explore your work with your clients using my range of theoretical lenses and practical experience, with active input from other group members. 

My role may sometimes include elements of coaching, training, consulting, counselling or therapy (as appropriate within the context of your professional development goals and the Group setting).

What about growing my coaching BUSINESS?

Rocket Supervision groups also include a business-building element. Depending on what group members are bringing, we may focus some of our time and attention on strategies to attract clients, not just how we work with them once they sign up. 

That said, we always want to create a balance that worls for the group, so different groups contract differently around business building. We’ll discuss this during our initial call. 

Ultimately it’s up to you what you’d like to focus on once you’re in the “hot seat”.

Can I discuss personal matters within the group?

While supervision focuses on your professional development, it is impossible to separate you as a professional from you as a person. 

Therefore, we may also talk about personal matters, but always in relation to your professional practice.

What’s my role as a group member?

Who you are is how you practice. Every practitioner will achieve the best results when practising their own authentic style rather than trying to mimic the best practices of others. And all input is welcome. Hence, group members may offer questions, observations, suggestions, share their own perspective, or jsut hold space for their fellow coach to explore and reflect. 

We respect that every coach has their own style, so we hold what we offer lightly, and allow the coach in the presneting chair to take from them what they need. 

At times, I may draw on my experience as a coach, coach trainer, and supervisor of many years to illuminate potential blind spots or brainstorm solutions with you and the Group. The understanding is that you will evaluate all and any input that The Group may provide and take full responsibility for your own actions and inactions.

What to expect?

Who you are is how you coach. Every practitioner will achieve the best results when leaning into their own authentic style rather than trying to mimic the best practices of others. The Group may offer suggestions or share their own way of thinking or working, but this is always to be taken as information or inspiration rather than assuming any certainty about “how it should be done”. 

During supervision, you may be faced with aspects of yourself that you had not been aware of. Experience tells us that any such new learning may be uncomfortable, particularly in the presence of a group that you may not yet know very well. We invite you into a brave space, while keeping you safe enough to learn and stretch yourself.

Entering into a supervision relationship and developing your professional practice may therefore require leaving familiar shores and venture into uncharted waters. The journey may be challenging and your Supervisor and fello group members may at times be the voice of such challenge. 

Rest assured that we will support you throughout this process and that we have your success and wellbeing as well as your clients’ as our highest priority, while the process and the results belong to you.