"The best investment I’ve made for my coaching business so far!" 

– Antonio Massimini, Founder, Mindery, London, United Kingdom.

Navigate Ethical Challenges and Build Coaching Competence With An All In One Coaching Supervision Space

Offerring deep reflection and gentle challenge, so you aren’t operating from a void and wondering,” Am I doing this right”?

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Most coaches start out with a desire to serve and create impact.

You’ve felt that call too. So you enrolled in a coach training, got a certification and put in the legwork to set up a business. You even found your first few clients and can’t wait to help them succeed. 

Coaching Supervision

But soon you realise that

Those are the things no one seems to get about your work.

The lines get blurred as you struggle to define your role, what you can and cannot do, as well as the context within which you can best serve your client.

The incongruence starts seeping into your discovery calls as you start feeling like a fraud.

Your income takes a hit and you feel the pressure. The vanity metrics and six figure dreams push you to make outrageous claims.

It doesn’t feel right. 

You wonder:

You wonder – What do they need you to be?

But more importantly what are you WILLING AND ABLE TO BE?

The truth is…

Without an ongoing process for honest and critical evaluation you’ll neither sharpen your instinct nor find your niche.

Right now, you don’t have a safe space:

You don’t have the range of tools, approaches and HATS you need to succeed as a coach. You don’t know what to do to move the needle where you feel at a loss.

But it’s not your fault

Some glib gurus want you to believe that to succeed as a coach, you must know your inherent value, even if you can’t objectively see it. 

They promise meaning and money but don’t tell you that :

You’ll even be told that all you need is a business coach who can offer you some emotional support as well. 
But what no one tells you …

is that the moment you go down the muddy waters of ethics, boundaries, transference and contracting, superficial support won’t suffice. It’ll become hard to define the problem and process your response. 

If you are to build a practice of integrity and create a lasting impact as a coach you need to go deep and understand what it feels like for your clients.

You’ll need someone to think with and think through.

Here’s the thing…

You can either chase the fleeting feelings of an underdeveloped gut with no way to assess your true worth.

Or, you can embrace voluntary quality control aka coaching supervision to build a practice that fills you with genuine confidence in your value. 

Coaching Supervision is the only gold standard you can hold yourself to as a coach.

Existential Coach (MA), Positive Psychologist (MSc), Trainer & Supervisor, Course Director of the ACIC, Teaching Faculty at Cambridge University, The School Of Life and the ICCS

Hi, I'm Yannick Jacob

As a positive psychologist, existential coach and a coach supervisor, I create a space where deep reflection and powerful conversations can happen.

My journey has been quite the mix and you can read all about my qualifications. But what’s more important is that being a coach has allowed me to expand, experiment and navigate outside the strict rules of psychotherapy.

Since way back in 2005 I’ve –

In a nutshell, I’ve closely lived the scenarios you may be experiencing as a coach. 

With over 1500 hours of rigorous supervision and training under my belt, I am committed to staying sharp and relevant.

Throughout my career, I’ve supervised hundreds of coaches to sharpen their toolkit and challenge themselves to be better.

I even wrote a book on the subject. I live and breathe coaching. I know what it means to find your voice and value as a coach.

“A Relaxed, Authentic And Powerful Coach. A World Class Coach Supervisor.”

– Jackie Perkins : Coach UK

Broaden Your Coaching Practice in Repertoire and Thinking With Rocket Supervision

My signature framework to launch new coaches into orbit and to help experienced coaches maintain professional standards. It’s where you can find all that you need to grow, reflect on and scale your coaching practice.

I am here to offer you access to all my professional hats, deep presence and a safe yet challenging space so you can:

If you strive to attain impeccable professional standards as a coach, this is where everything gets easy.

Fuel Tank

Business Booster

Existential Portal

Power Core

“Supervision for a coach is like going for a sports massage. 

You know you need it when you’re tight, contracted and feeling a bit tense. You’re super vulnerable, yet totally safe. It may be a bit uncomfortable when it goes deep, but heals as it works out knots, tensions, and pains, to release! It’s a relief to have someone who can do this for you as you take on the various challenges of being a coach. I couldn’t handle the pressure without this mega support guy alongside!”

Yannick totally kept pace with me. In everything we discussed, he offered such depth and insight that only comes from truly knowing the subject.

– Kate Brassington [.MSc GMBPsS PCC (ICF) Coaching Psychologist and Trauma-Informed Coach]

Everything you get inside…

These 1:1 sessions are where you can bring forth everything that’s beyond the purview of a group session. You get my full attention and focus as you’re journeying through your clients’ minds.

And then some more!

I’ve always offered each of these services separately for anyone to freely pick and choose. But lately I’ve realised how much they belong together in real life.

So for the first time I am offering everything there is in toolkit as a coaching supervisor for a single and generously discounted price, spread across 3 tiers. 

Each offering includes a bunch of ancillary reinforcements you’ll need to thrive as a coach. Considering how long we work together, I’ve carefully curated these bonuses so you get exposed to other coaches, coaching modalities and various lenses of seeing.

live coaching session used as a coaching demo for other coaches
Free Bonus #1

The Coaching Lab ​

Be a member of this one of its kind lab for coaches from across the globe. You get to be a fly on the wall as you observe experienced coaches in action. This is a unique experiential space for those who wish to demystify coaching and watch real time what’s going on in the coaches' and clients’ minds.

Worth 397£
Free Bonus #2

Positive Psychology For Coaching

A comprehensive self paced course on positive psychology (the science of happiness) and how you can use it with your clients.
🚀11.5 hour long, self-paced course
🚀 covers significant aspects of PP like happiness, resilience, post-traumatic growth, evidence based interventions and various practice models.
🚀 11 downloadable resources with actionable insights.

Worth 300£
Free Bonus #3

Coaching resource bundle

A fuss free pack of templates and checklists to save you time while you streamline your marketing efforts for a robust coaching business.

Worth 250£
Free Bonus #4

Course on Existential Coaching

Early and FREE access to my upcoming self paced course.


Yannick has been referred to as a rockstar by some coaches I know... and I reckon it has to do with his no BS, grounded, authentic and open style of coaching supervision.

The coaching supervision group I was in was no cap, life-changing. Through some of the most difficult personal times, I felt heard and seen. The best interests of my clients (and I) were respected and honoured. Reflecting as a coach can be vulnerable and challenging – and Yannick’s supervision space supported my learning and development in a way that mattered most to me. I was stretched, I grew in confidence, and became brave in my coaching.

He brings a critical perspective to coaching and has challenged me in the most rewarding ways.

– Sohini Petrie, Leadership and Team Coach

Discover more ways of seeing what’s going on in your coaching practice, in your life and in the lives of your clients.

Rocket Supervision works to keep you awake to different ways of seeing yourself and developing accountability as a coach. Coaching Supervision gives you micro focus and centres the whole experience around your specific needs as a coach. Having me as your coach supervisor will give you more faith in what you bring to your clients and how it lands with them. Your coaching practice will grow enormously in value and confidence.

The Coaching Lab gives you a macro perspective as it brings together seasoned coaches, psychologists and professionals from across the globe in a live setting. As you witness the real time unfolding of a coaching session, the lab provides you and other life coaches a chance to put up questions and get clarifications about any psychological theory running in the background as well as how the clients experienced the session.

Supervision packages start from monthly subscription of £300

Not-so-fine-print: This coaching supervision program is for both new and experienced coaches. You’ll get the flexibility of time in scheduling sessions, as well as any additional sessions you may require if a situation arises. You can tap on the button above to schedule a ‘no strings attached’ 45 minute discovery call for both of us to see if we are a good fit, provided you take a few minutes to fill in those deets.

Here’s what some of the coaches are saying about Rocket Supervision

Through these coaching supervision sessions I developed a new level of confidence in what I uniquely bring to the table for my clients and the messages I wanted to get across. On top of the growth I saw within myself, my business started picking up more and more momentum as I continued to show up with more clarity and confidence. Yannick helped me to see strengths within myself that I couldn’t see before or perhaps that I was taking for granted.

Ashley Marcinek

Life and Career Coach

Everything I brought in the coaching supervision session, Yannick welcomed, in stride, and helped transform into a topic of everyday, practical concern. Just what I wanted and needed. I don’t know how he did it

Eric Larson

Coach, Minneapolis, MN, USA

I have been working with Yannick for just over 6 months. When I started I felt a little lost and was worried about whether I was doing this coaching thing ‘properly’, how I was going to attract clients and how I was going to meet my desired financial and lifestyle outcomes. With Yannick as my coach supervisor, his patient support and intelligent insight I’ve gained clarity and confidence in charting a forward course. 

I’ve now developed a coaching programme that I truly believe in and a style that feels authentic to me. Plus I have a waiting list for 1-2-1 clients and an almost fully booked group workshop


Positive Health Coach and GP, West Sussex

Yannick helped me explore new places I hadn’t yet looked up, discover my own paradigm of the world, challenge it and help me connect the dots of my thinking and behaviour. And find and uncover the depth of my blind spots. Our sessions were long and we covered a lot of ground each time, but I never got the sense that Yannick wasn’t with me. I need a lot of space to think, and Yannick gave me this safe space whilst showing a deep presence and lots of curiosity. I felt truly heard. He provided me with the right balance of showing empathy and challenge.

Georgie Nightingale

I was looking for a group supervision space in which I could think, reflect, be challenged and grow – and that’s exactly what I got. Yannick has created a coaching supervision space in which I felt OK to be vulnerable, share fears and concerns, and be supported through exploring what’s going on and why, and how I might respond. He is a perfect coach supervisor – always present, curious and caring. And this is echoed in the coaching supervision groups he creates.

Jess Annison

Leadership coach

Oddly enough, I don’t want everyone to buy this coaching supervision program. There’s no point putting your hard earned money into this.

This may not even be for you if you:

🔴 need an instant solution and you value quick fixes over lasting growth.
🔴 are only looking for comfort and safety and are not open to challenge.
🔴are expecting guaranteed outcomes tied to commercial gains.

The level of engagement and commitment needed for coaching supervision is a lot more and it’ll bring immense value to those who:

🟢 Want to build a long lasting coaching career based on the values of integrity, service and impact.
🟢 Are new to coaching and want to ground their practice in sound ethics, effective boundaries, and clear contracting.
🟢 Are unsatisfied with the status quo and want to change gears or scale.
🟢 Are experienced coaches looking to maintain professional standards and are committed to ethical practice.

Not having a coaching supervision space is costing you the courage and confidence you need to be the best coach you can be.

What’s matters is that it works so you can :

  • break out of the stagnation you’ve hit in terms of tools and approaches.
  • explore who you are as a coach and how far you can go.
  • create some certainty and legitimacy to your actions as a coach.
  • empower yourself to ground your coaching practice and develop your inner coach supervisor. 
  • have a safe space where you can be seen, heard and treated with regard. 
  • slow down, notice and celebrate your progress
  • confidently make difficult choices and ask powerful questions.
a coach supervisor with a coaching holding a coachingsupervision session

So now it’s really up to you.

You can choose to go the DIY way and spend weeks, even months, trying to find answers; wondering how your interventions landed with the clients, what part of you was not present. It’s totally cool if that’s your jam. Yet, keep in mind that you’ll lose much time between business building vs attaining coaching competency.

Or rather,

Let me be your coach supervisor as you access the depth of your coaching practice. You get all my attention and expertise as you develop the self belief and confidence in your efficacy and style as a coach. If turbulence hits, you can count on me to help you navigate with purpose and poise.

I’m ready to send you that calendar invite for our welcome call. See you on the other side.