Resonance-based Coaching with Sid Hamid (Lab report #25)

I knew we were in for something different and something exciting when I invited Sid to be our guest coach for our most recent Lab, and the session sure didn’t disappoint! For some his approach felt quite radical and odd even (see what I did there? 😉 ), others loved Sid’s resonance-based coaching style for…

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Psychedelic-Assisted Coaching with Rosie Peacock (Lab report #22)

I’ve been looking forward to seeing some integration work in action. Part of me wished we would have caught the first session after the client’s psychedelic experience, but I really loved seeing Rosie work with literature prompts and refer back to the experience via the trip report. I also really valued the insight into how…

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Coaching with the Earth in Mind with Linda Aspey (Lab Report #21)

Linda created a thinking environment and only spoke 3 times during this session. I personally found it very inspiring to see Nancy Kline’s approach delivered with such professionalism, though there were also voices that questioned whether this session could have been more effective if the coach had been more active. Fascinating! Curious to know more?…

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How I put my prices up – fair & equitable (I hope)

Raising prices has always been a weak point of mine. My mum instilled a strong sense of fairness in me and in combination with living on relatively little money throughout my 20s and knowing what it’s like to want to attend exciting events but unable to afford it, I developed a bit of resistance. Now I…

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Trauma-informed Coaching?

Trauma-informed Coaching for narcissistic abuse, Caroline Strawson, Yannick's Coaching Lab

In January we welcome Caroline Strawson to the Lab. I’ve met Caroline when she did her Masters in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology and since she’s graduated her coaching went from strength to strength. I’m particularly interested in her approach to working with trauma combining elements of coaching and therapy to help people overcome adversity and narcissistic abuse. Fascinating stuff and I can’t wait to see her in action.

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Life Coaching for people who give a shit with Liz Goodchild

Life Coach, Liz Goodchild, Yannick's Coaching Lab

In December we welcome the wonderful Liz Goodchild to the Lab. I’ve loved Liz’s authentic, warm, reflective and person-centred style from the moment I met her. I also love that she swears a fair bit! 🙂 Her writing has inspired me and she’s also really smashed the business side of coaching. I can’t wait to get an insight into Liz’s coaching style in action and really look forward to the session.

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A Clean ICF coaching session with PCC Coach Ross Nichols

PCC Mentor Coach, Ross Nichols, Yannick's Coaching Lab

After a 26 year career in the Army, Ross Nichols began mentoring business owners and directors for leadership; and coaching professionals for career transition, health and wellness, cancer, emotional intelligence and mindfulness. He is creative and intuitive. His coaching style is Transpersonal, working with values, energy, vitality and spirit. He is drawn to working with his clients’ shadow side, which is where he believes the learning and healing is to be found. He began writing poetry in 2018.

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