Almost every coach I know absolutely LOVED their training. This is in large part due to the amazing people we’ve met, the inspiring conversations and generally being surrounded by an atmosphere of learning and growth. It doesn’t have to stop when your training ends. Come join one of my events, supervision groups or be part of our community of coaches. We’re here to talk, collaborate, inspire or refer to each other. And everytime I hang out with other coaches I have a genuinely excellent time! That’s why I’ve created a few ways for you to connect and I’d love you to step inside the circle!


Join a

The bonds forged in a supervision group can last a lifetime! Marvel in the ups and downs of your practice in this safe and confidential, yet vulnerable space. There‚Äôs something special about talking about what’s really going on.

Yannik's Coaching Lab

Join us every month as we come together to be a fly on the wall for a live coaching session with seasoned pro, discuss it afterwards together with both coach and client, followed by experimental breakouts with fellow coaches.

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