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We are VERY close to releasing the long-awaited online self-study version of my popular course – An Introduction To Existential Coaching. 

My team and I have been working for months to bring this to you, and I’m proud to say that we’ll finally be releasing it in the third week of June 2024

This course is focused on helping you understand and address the underlying existential questions that all clients grapple with in some way or another. It’ll include practical frameworks such as the MOVER & CREATE model of existential coaching, and multiple demo coaching sessions to show how you might apply existential philosophy and principles to your coaching practice, both in life and in organisations.  

I’ve distilled 8 years of in-person training events as well as the knowledge that went into my book into this course, resulting in an experience that will set you up well to bring more depth and impact to your clients by forming an existential lens through which to listen to and work with your clients. 

That said, it’d be great to get your help with something. Before we put everything out there, we’d like to make sure that we’ve covered everything. That’s where you come in:

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