Grow your business
Grow your skills

Almost every successful coach is also a successful entrepreneur. In order to build a thriving coaching practice, one must weave together coaching as well as business skill. I’ve created this section to offer you a range of support in both areas: from free to premium.


Grow your coaching business

Few coaches are employed by an organisation or receive enough regular leads to get by without getting serious about their business. Almost all successful coaches are also entrepreneurs. Now most coaches I know (myself included) didn’t sign up to become great at business, we’re passionate about coaching and building a business felt like a necessary evil at worst and a chore at best. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Once you figure out who you would like to help, how to communicate your message ethically and authentically, settle into your approach and possibly shift some of your attitudes around building a business, in combination with some handy tools and acquiring a few essential skills, your coaching business can flourish and you get to do more of the work you’ve initially signed up.

Below are a few options that will help you build your business and provide some support for you along the way.


1:1 Rocket Supervision

The most effective way to build your business is a 1:1 journey tailored to your individual needs.


Business Building Groups

Working on your business with a dedicated group of coaches will give you the boost you need.


The Podcast

Does what it says on the tin: We’re talking about coaching, the business and the practice. Successful coaches answer your questions.


Essential First Steps

Read this chapter from my book on how to take the first steps towards setting up your coaching practice.

Grow your coaching skills

The best way to be a successful coach is to be an excellent coach. If you serve your clients powerfully, word about your services will spread. If you’re exceptional, you might not even have to do any marketing. Regardless whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been established for years – there’s always more to learn. Personally that’s why I love coaching and I enjoy the continuous growth process.

If you’re here to grow your skills, have a look at the following options:


1:1 Rocket Supervision

The most effective way to grow your skills is to work 1:1 with a coach, trainer, mentor and supervisor – all in one!


Group Supervision

Join a group of coaches dedicated to being the best coaches they can be and learn from their curiosity and experience.


Positive Psychology Training for Coaches

Discover the science of happiness and how you can use it with your clients & in your life (incl. monthly live seminars)


Coaching Demos, Discussions & Practice

Every month you’ll get to observe a live demo by an experienced coach followed by Q&A and practice in triads.


The Podcast

Does what it says on the tin: We’re talking about coaching, the business and the practice. Successful coaches answer your questions.


Existential Coaching Skills

Read my book to expand your skill set and utilize the power of philosophy to help your clients live with greater awareness, deliberation and passion.


Lectures, Talks & Conversations

You’ll find lots of content to grow your skills on my YouTube channel: Lectures, talks, conversations and practical advice on becoming a better coach.


Positive Psychology Coaching ebook

Read my free e-book on Positive Psychology and how to utilize the science of wellbeing to inform and elevate your coaching practice.

In 2020 the School of Positive Transformation asked me to design and curate a ground-breaking new coach training programme, for which I’ve managed to recruit many of our industry’s earliest pioneers and leading practitioners. We’ve launched in 2021, the feedback has been phenomenal so far, and we couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve created. If you’re looking to deepen your coaching skills, I can’t recommend this course enough.

While it’s been designed for those new to coaching to learn the foundations and take the first steps in establishing a coaching business, I’ve had experienced coaches in mind every step of the design process and with our “no-certificate pathway” you’ll get to from some of the greatest coaches we have today, including more than 20 hours of coaching demonstrations and a tonne of coaching tools and exercises, regardless of where you are in the world or how much time you have to study.

This course is an absolute treasure trove for both coaches and coaching clients! Not only do you learn about the science of wellbeing, happiness, resilience and optimal human functioning from the leading researchers and practitioners in this field, you’ll also get to tap into and experiment with over 200 evidence-based exercises and applied positive psychology interventions, many of which I’ve helped to design or create as part of the consulting faculty for the course. Once more, the School of Positive Transformation has done an incredible job gathering the world’s leading experts and most inspiring teachers. This is hands down the best positive psychology online course you will find, and at a price point and with a faculty that other courses just can’t compete with. Check it out!

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