I feel responsible for my client’s success. Am I? Talking About Coaching – Episode 28

Many coaches carry the weight of feeling responsible for their clients’ success (or lack thereof). We hear about this often in supervision. When it takes longer than planned for their clients to reach their goal or they get frustrated along the way, many coaches ask: Could I have done more? What did I do wrong so that this client doesn’t achieve what they set out to do? What if they ask for their money back or leave me a bad review? Am I good enough? What else can I do to get them to move forward? 

The weight of taking on too much responsibility can weigh heavily on a coach, and so our resident coaches Yannick, Siawash and Nicki thought it was important to address this question and talk about the extent to which we share responsibility for our clients’ success or failure. What can and what can we not control or influence? How far are we willing and able to go with our support? What did we promise and contract at the beginning?
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