Tired of email marketing,
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How about a catch up once a month(ish)?

If you’re like me, you’ve probably unsubscribed from almost every newsletter that sends out emails more than once a week (and even that is pushing it for my taste).

As I’ve transitioned into writing my Nuggets weekly and publishing several new podcast episodes, events, and other interesting learning opportunities and resources each month, I didn’t just want to flood people’s inboxes, but to give them something that marketing experts seem to despise: 


So while I had to acknowledge that there seem to be plenty of people who appreciate hearing from me several times a week, here’s your choice to receive one email every 4-6 weeks (or so) featuring an entire buffet of Nuggets: thoughts, stories, resources, inspiration, new content, and usually a bit of an update about what’s going on in my mind and life these days. 

If that’s something you’d like, sign up below. 

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