Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

Repeat anything 3 times in my coaching or supervision sessions, and you can be sure that I’ll appear to acknowledge it and get curious!

Something I hear a lot of coaches in training or supervision be concerned about is that they’re going to miss something important if they’re not 100% attentive to every word their clients say and every subtle movement in their body. 

While I’m a sucker for spotting patterns (bit of a strength of mine), you don’t have to be a genius detective to notice when someone mentions something several times. Usually you don’t even have to have a particularly good memory. 

If something’s important, you can be pretty sure it’ll come back, even if you miss it the first time around. 

I might not, the first two times around, feed it back to the client, get curious, or intervene, but whenever something emerges for the 3rd time (could be a word, a gesture, a flinch in their facial expression, a wobble in their voice, or a thought or feeling I’m having in response), I’ll definitely say something, at the very least to acknowledge it and check into potential significance. Usually I don’t have do anything more than note that it happened. The client will take it from there. 

In a recent supervision group we’ve had a good laugh imagining Yannick appearing out of thick smoke, Beetlejuice-style, everytime that happens!

Stay present, but also: don’t worry about it too much! That worry will distract you even more. 

With Love


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