This is not Ikigai

Yannick Jacob, Coach, Trainer, Supervisor, Ikigai

What burst another bubble?  Most of you will have heard of Ikigai, the Japanese concept that has often been translated as your “reason for getting up in the morning”, and beautifully depicted in a wonderful Venn diagram as a meeting point between what you love doing, what you’re good at, what the world needs and…

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Making eye contact with coaching clients on Zoom

For years I’ve been using Zoom, and since last March (2020 – the pandemic year) I’ve been seeing all of my clients online, most via video chat. Anybody who works with relationships will probably agree that being able to look someone directly in the eye is such an important element when we meet someone or sit…

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Framing our clients? Coaching as an art form

Yannick Jacob, Coach, Trainer, Supervisor, art of coaching

What’s art – and what’s not? I started to see coaching as an art form quite early in my practice. Even though my training was very much evidence-based and my education (especially my coach training) had been around science and philosophy, I’ve always been creative and music, art, painting and other forms of (more traditionally-recognized) creative…

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