Christmas Priorities

My dad always used to say: “Zeit hat man nicht, Zeit muss man sich nehmen”, which translates roughly as “Nobody has time, you have to make time”.

Marrying into a Mexican family as well as watching my father age and my daughter grow up so fast, had me develop a new relationship with two things:

Time and family.

And so I’ve decided that since there are plenty of Nuggets for you to catch up on, I’ll go and spend time with my loved ones now. 

Wishing you all a very special festive period! 

With Love 



New content: “On Coaching” with Zoltán Csigás

A few months back I listened to an episode of On Coaching and felt immediately connected. Not just because the guest was Denmark-based coaching legend and fellow German Reinhard Stelter (of 3rd Generation Coaching fame), but because its host Zoltan reminded me of Joe Rogan about a decade ago: humble, super curious, always taking the conversation a level further, and talking to an impressive range of people. When I reached out to connect with him, we both immediately resonated and I think you can tell from the vibe in our episode. Tune in as we’re exploring relational perspectives on coaching, existential ideas, and much more. It’s been fun and I reckon you’ll enjoy this one more than others. Also, watch this space as I’ve invited Zoltan to be my guest for a Talking about Coaching Deep Dive in 2024. 

Listen to the episode on Zoltan’s website or where you find your podcasts. 


PS: Don’t forget to join the Coaching Lab on 2nd January if you want to watch masterful embodiment practitioner Mark Walsh live in action.