Does coaching work? 

It is something that experienced coaches know – intuitively and from experience: Coaching works. 

But how do we know? Perhaps the progress or change that occurred would have occurred either way? Maybe working with a mentor, a consultant, or talking to a colleague or friend would have helped just the same, or even better? There are a million and one confounding factors, and you might argue that we could never go back in time and do something different, so how could we really know that working with a coach made the difference? 

Well, that’s where science steps in with systematic methods to answer complex questions such as this. A recently published meta-analysis pulled together all available research on this topic and lays out a strong case for the effectiveness of coaching in the workplace, which I wanted to share with you today. 

I appreciate that this is focused on the workplace, but many of the same principles apply for growth and change processes in any context, so you’ll find this paper is filled with valuable references and data that build a compelling business case for coaching, and may just do its part to convince someone that there’s plenty of merit in giving it a go. 

You can read the article for free at 

And thanks to Jonathan Passmore for his post on the subject. His LinkedIn output is a goldmine of staying up to date with relevant research. 

Hope that helps.

With Love


New content: The practical ins and outs of working with groups

Last month I was invited by the International Centre for Coaching Supervision to share my experience of working with groups. While I mainly draw on my experience running about a dozen supervision groups, most of the practical issues show up in facilitating any group, so the ICCS decided to open this event up to their coaching community and we ended up having a fantastic discussion after the presentation with nearly a hundred coaches. If you’ve ever thought about offering group work and wondered about the practical ins and outs of working with groups, I reckon you’ll find this session valuable, which you can watch on YouTube