It’s (a)live! – Coaching Lab 2.0 (Plus Coaching Uncaged Season Finale)

It’s live! We’ve done it!

6 months of hard work. A bumpy ride at times. Way too much detail stuff for a big picture thinker like me. But it’s here now:

The Coaching Lab has a home:


I gotta be honest, when this whole thing started, I didn’t exactly have a clear vision of what I wanted The Lab to become (other than eventually filling a theatre venue in London during one of our in-person events… in 2020!).

That’s changed. And I’m more than excited about what I can now see in its future. 

What sparked the Lab was turning the most popular parts of coach training into a series of events dedicated to what coaches seem to love most:

– Getting inspired by watching experienced coaches do their thing; 
– Taking new tools, techniques and ways of being for a spin in a safe environment; 
– Connecting with fellow coaches who care deeply about the practice; and 
– Gaining heaps of confidence in your own practice by realising that the coaches we look up to are usually just people like you and me.

One thing that became really clear when we started thinking about how we could achieve this at scale, is that a membership system is the way forward in order to make this a viable undertaking, and that building a community of coaches who learn together, challenge and inspire each other, and generally have an excellent time on a regular basis, is what makes the Lab something much bigger than what I initially had in mind.

Big thanks to Martin at this point, who not only took a lead on building the website with our developer Kim (now that deserves a line break. I know they make you happy, buddy 😉 )…

But who also very much encouraged me to think and plan on a much larger scale, which meant to invest in building a few systems behind the scenes that would allow the Lab to scale. And the first major milestone is now ready for you to cast your eyes on:

A dedicated website featuring a members’ area, where you have access to our 30+ recorded coaching demos, information about the next event, and soon (fingers crossed) an opportunity to connect with other members outside of the online events.

I’m more than excited about getting to this point. We’ll be launching this baby properly in the coming weeks, but for now I wanted to let you, the inner circle, know that this is happening; and also to explain why the ticket prices have increased (as you may or may not have noticed), which really didn’t sit right with me to do quietly without any explanation.

So if you’re a coach and the above resonated with you, you’re welcome to join the Lab as a member at this early stage. As an early adopter bonus I’m giving the first 20 of my Nugget readers the opportunity to come on board at the old price (30% off). All you’d need to do is to hop over to, choose the plan that works for you, and use the discount code “NUGGETS” at check out.

It’d be lovely to have you on board this venture! And we’re always keen on feedback on what you like or what you think we could improve.

With Love

New content: Coaching Uncaged Season 13 Finale!


I can’t believe it’s been another season of hosting Animas Centre for Coaching’s flagship podcast Coaching Uncaged. In this final episode of Season 13 we decided to turn the tables and so the Founder and CEO of Animas Centre for Coaching, Nick Bolton, stepped into the hosting chair to interview mefor a change. I share my journey as a coach and supervisor, my perspectives on some of the key questions facing coaching, what the future might bring, what drives my own work, what I’ve learned from two seasons of interviewing thought leaders in this industry, and many more topics. Enjoy!

You can watch or listen to this episode.

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