Keep it real?!

In 1997 I listened to my first ever German rap song.

I remember it clearly. We were on a class trip to inner city Frankfurt and my mate had me listen in on this track through his headphones. I was immediately hooked!

What struck me was how real it felt, how relatable to a white kid from a suburb close to a German city. I immediately felt at home, connected to the authenticity of what these guys were telling me, and how.

Now I’ve just spent an hour and a half talking to the beautiful community around Existential Offerings about what it means to keep it real. And it’s clear that it’s bloody hard to show up authentically, to show up as you really are, not to pretend to be someone else.

It’s relatively easy to express yourself in art and poetry when these are created in isolation. What’s much harder is when you’re with other people, when their response influences what we do and don’t say or do.

We talked about the challenges of figuring out who we really are, especially given that we’re always in a “process of becoming”, always fluid, someone else tomorrow than we were today…

We talked about the tension between wanting to fit in by adjusting to social contexts vs. celebrating our differences and not caring too much about what others think.

We talked about how showing up authentically makes us vulnerable, as now others really see us for who we are and may take advantage of this.

We talked about how the body often gives us a heads up that we’re not keeping it real, and how tempting it is to ignore these signs in the interest of comfort and peace of mind.

We talked about how it takes courage to pay attention to such signs, and that growth usually happens in a state of discomfort.

We talked about many other things too, and we did record the session, so you will soon be able to catch up. If you watch this space, I’ll drop you a note when it’s available. For now, I’ll leave you with these thoughts, and an invitation to pay attention to any signs of inauthenticity that you may have been conveniently ignoring.

With Love


New content: Coaching & Psychedelics (Yannick @IPPA World Congress on Positive Psychology)


Happy to finally share my presentation at the World Congress on Positive Psychology with you, which took place in Vancouver in July. In this 20min talk I present my journey into exploring psychedelics professionally as well as the foundation of my thinking into why I think it’s so potent to research the meeting points between coaching and psychedelics.


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Transformational Coaching with Master Coach Fernando Hettiyadura


I’ve met Fernando as part of our search for new guests for our podcast “Talking about Coaching and Psychedelics” and as soon as I met him it was clear I’m talking to an Master Certified Coach. His warmth and presence immediately inspired me, and after recording the episode with him, there was no hesitation to invite him into the Lab. He won’t be working with psychedelics in this Lab, but you’ll get to witness his style and approach to coaching, which I’m more than excited about!

You can find out more and get access via