Less is more when it comes to content?


Martin and I had a chat the week before I wrote this during which he invited me to consider stepping up my game from “weekly-or-so” to committing to “actually weekly”. So this is me stepping up.

That said, I’m watching Leah play with her cousin as I’m writing this so I’ll keep it short before I melt of cuteness overload 🙂 

A few years back I learned something from my dear colleague Liz Goodchild’s excellent blog

A really short piece of writing can make a big difference. And the rules I thought at the time I had to adhere to were nothing but a story. Sharing a few thoughts can go a long way, and it doesn’t have to take much time either. 

So here I am, grabbing a moment of inspiration and thinking about you guys. I hope you’re well and flourishing!

New(ish) content: What I’ve learned this week Season 2 Episode 9 – “WHO AM I?” 


Sachin is one hell of a dude. Super energetic, brutally honest, and generally not giving a fuck. Each time we’ve had a chat I found myself inspired, challenged and super entertained. So when he asked to interview me for his podcast I immediately said yes, and we recorded the episode in my flat (when I still lived) in London. I don’t think I’ve shared this with you here so here you go! I’m sure you’ll find many Nuggets. 

As always, if any of this resonates, make it swing! I’d love to hear from you 🙂

With Love

PS: I should mentioned that both Liz and Sachin have demonstrated their coaching skills and approach in the Coaching Lab and both recordings are available to members as part of The Vault