Looking behind the Zoom square

What you see…

If you’ve met me online in late September of 2022, you probably saw something like this:


But if you had happened to walk through that door in the background, you’d have seen this: 


We were about to move house, and space to store boxes became and increasingly scarce resource.

Of course I’m somewhat hesitant to share the 2nd image with you since my Zoom frame, as most people’s Zoom frames, is well-curated, and for a good reason: We want to present our best selves and assure others that we’ve “got our ducks in a row”, and that there’s a certain order to our lives.

And while I think that’s of some importance in order to create trust (and we probably all tend to clean up a little ahead of guests arriving into our space), the truth is that behind the (Zoom) curtains, most of us will always have messy elements in our lives.

Now rest assured that I don’t feel like a messy person. On the contrary: after a few challenging weeks (see my last Nuggets we’re actually in a really good place with the move now: we have finished packing all non-essentials (hence running out of space to store boxes), and we’re excited for our new chapter. Yet another cycle of what something looks like (messy) vs. what is actually true (well organised).

Next time you see something, anything, consider that you might see something very different if you were to… enter through the back door!

New Content

Another “Coaching Uncaged” episode was made possible by the wonderful people at Animas Centre for Coaching. This time I’m talking to Claire Pedrick, ICF Master Certified Coach and author of “Simplifying Coaching”.

Claire says: “I think it’s a fantasy that we add value by trying to add value, because trying to add too much value impacts partnership. I’m discovering more and more that there’s no end to the work that we can do and the work we can let go of to be fully working in partnership.” A wonderful conversation ensued…


And that’s it!
As always, if any of this resonates, make it swing! I’d love to hear from you 🙂

With Love