Sweet release

We carry a lot.

Whether you’re a coach, therapist, a colleague at work, a parent, or simply a good friend – as soon as you’re listening empathically and offering your full presence to someone who’s currently facing something difficult…  some of it is bound to stick to you.

You may have heard of the term “compassion fatigue”. It’s common to get weighed down when you care a lot.

My offering for you this week is to reflect on how you release some of what found its way into your container.

One of the 3 functions of supervision is “restorative” and offers such a release to anyone with a job that’s prone to weigh you down or bring up personal issues. Most of the time when our own shit gets triggered in a professional situation, it’s not appropriate to let it enter the room. That’s why it’s just so incredibly important to have a space to get it out of your system.

If not professional supervision, you might already have found a way. A fellow coach recently told me about how listening to cacophonous black metal music feels deeply cathartic to him. Others write, dance, run, create art, or play video games.

How do you process and release?

With Love


Next event: Coaching “Selfish Leaders”? Yannick’s Coaching Lab with Jindy Mann

Jindy and I connected here in Berlin on the recommendation of a dear colleague. I was immediately taken by Jindy’s presence and philosophy, and straight away curious as to how this translates into his work. Jindy’s been around the block in the organisational space and brings a lot to the way he holds space for leaders. So here we are about to witness Jindy’s style of leadership coaching, and I can’t wait to tune in and be a fly on the wall for it.

From Jindy’s bio:

“Jindy Mann is a leadership coach, organisational consultant and men’s work facilitator, with 20 years experience working in large organisations and startups. Through his coaching practice, The Selfish Leader, he takes a person-centred approach to deepen self-awareness and understanding.

He sees this as the foundation for meaningful inquiry, choices and action, based on the individual essence of the client – their real needs, desires, hopes and anxieties. The work is dynamic, as neither the individual or the coaching relationship are fixed but evolve and shift over time.”

Curious to see Jindy coach and dissect the session with me afterwards?

Tickets available via MeetUp, Eventbrite or catch the recording by signing up as a member.

And if you’d like to be Jindy’s client for this session, you can put your hand up here.