Tales from the Coaching Room

There’s something riveting about being a fly on the wall in a room where big things are happening.

It’s enticing to be able to witness two people having a life-changing conversation, without the responsibility of having any skin in the game

I believe this is why gossip magazines are so popular, and Prince Harry’s book sells so well.

It’s also why I created the Coaching Lab.

And the reason I like Irvin Yalom’s books so much.

It’s why I started collating coaching demos on YouTube in our Facebook group.

And it’s also why I like the new Lessons From Clients blog so much, which one of my supervisees, Coaching Psychologist Matti Groot, recently started.

It features engaging – and beautifully written – storytelling from a highly experienced, and quite existentially-minded coach & therapist, as he’s working with his clients, and reflecting on his work. It’s well worth checking out!

That’s it from me this week.

If you’ve got any resources in the spirit of the above, do drop me a line!

With Love

New content:


Jenny is lovely! And she’s an artist at heart. Her book “The Art of Coaching” is full of illustrations and metaphors. She’s also a highly successful coach and supervisor, and I loved this conversation. As we drew parallels between art and coaching, I was reminded about an earlier Nugget that had me musing on the idea of literally “framing our clients”.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this latest episode of the Animas podcast Coaching Uncaged.

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