The pursuit of meaning

What’s your “Why”?
Who does your work, and your life, serve? What’s your mission?
Why are you here?
What is your calling?

The list could go on for some time, and if I had a penny for every purpose-related question that my coaching clients ask themselves, I’d be… well, it’s a lot of pennies, okay?!

What struck me some time ago, and has been rekindled this week during a few conversations with new clients, is that the pursuit of meaning is already a meaningful pursuit.

What I’m trying to say is that your existence is meaningful (even if you don’t know how quite yet) simply because you’ve decided that searching for purpose is a meaningful activity.

So there you got it. A simple choice can make all the difference. And you don’t even have to have it all figured out yet. It potentially won’t even matter whether you ever do figure it all out. Because, yes indeed, there’s meaning in the pursuit – if you allow it to be there.

And yes, I appreciate that it can be easier said than done. But what I know is that to many people are expecting themselves to know it now, or they keep waiting until some day they may “find” something, as if it would someday just be handed to them. When in fact a meaningful experience is available to all people right now, immediately, if you allow yourself to find meaning in the pursuit.

My esteemed colleague Michael Steger developed a simple assessment tool a few years back, which you could use to get a sense for the extent that meaning feels present for you vs. the extent you’re searching for it.

I hope this helps in some way, and who knows, maybe something clicked, and your life is now forever changed 😉

With Love


Content that’s about to be deleted:
Coaching Uncaged by Animas w/ Prof. Jonathan Passmore


I loved my recent conversation with Jonathan – one of the global thought leaders on coaching. If you haven’t watched it yet, hurry up, as Jonathan’s making an effort to contain his YouTube presence and asked us to delete this video, which will happen imminently.

We want to respect Jonathan’s wishes, but I also wanted to give those of you who had it bookmarked but didn’t get around to watching this yet, an opportunity to still catch us talking about coaching cultures, AI and coaching in the digital space.

But hurry up, it’s going to be deleted any moment now. So watch the video while you still can!