Time to ponder some powerful questions?

There was a time when the holiday period was a peaceful one, quiet and full of space to ponder.

I used to reflect on the year that had passed and the year ahead, what I had learned and what I wanted to do differently going forward…

Times have changed for me and life is more demanding these days. And as quiet time is becoming an increasingly scarce resource, it makes me appreciate poignant questions and journal prompts on another level.

Several such invitations were recently offered as part of my conversation with rockstar coach Jerry Colonna for Animas’s Coaching Ungaged podcast. They go:

– How have I been complicit in creating the conditions I say I don’t want in my life/work?
– What am I not saying that needs to be said?
– What am I saying that’s not being heard?
– What’s being said that I’m not hearing?

I wish you ample time to ponder this holiday season. And I’d love to hear some of the questions you‘re reflecting on.

With Love


New Labs!

We’ve been very busy behind the scenes to give you the gift of new and improved Coaching Labs this year.

The winning formula won’t change (45min live demo – 45min reflections and Q&A – 45min experimental breakouts), but we’ve been building a new home and membership section (to be launched in February) so that soon we can run more Labs, more specialised themes, and more frequently. I’m really quite excited, so do watch this space.

For now, keep January’s Lab with Co-active NLP Coach Quinn Simpson in mind on the 10th January.

And lined up in the coming months are Labs on Jungian Coaching with Daniel Lev Shkolnik, psychodynamic coaching with MCC Julia Rogers, and we’ve invited Siawash Zahmat back who’s been closing 6-figure Coaching engagements recently and was our guest in Lab #2 (back when we didn’t record yet).

And hey, if you know a coach you always wanted to see in action but perhaps couldn’t afford to work with, let me know – if they’re a good fit for the Lab, we’ll get in touch and invite them! At the moment we’ve got open slots in the Summer of 2023.

Happy new year 🙂