To watch something grow and contribute

What’s a meaningful existence?

There are many answers to this question. One came to me as I looked out of my window just now and observed my neighbour attend to the plants on her balcony.

The story I’m telling myself is that she is quite alone. I never see anybody with her, and some people just have that kind of vibe. But she also seems so content each time I see her.

Just days earlier I had told someone how meaningful I find it to see people grow in my line of work, and to be an active participant in that journey. It occurred to me that my neighbour does the exact same thing: She plays an active role in her plants growing and flourishing.

Parenting offers meaning in the same lane. There are few things more fullfilling than to play an active part in shaping and nourishing others. Plants, animals, people, structures, systems, ideas – I don’t think it necessarily matters that much.

What I think do matters is to share it with others, to contribute to something that’s larger than yourself. I think that’s why the majority of my neighbour’s plants are on the balcony, rather than inside her flat hidden from view.

Or maybe not… I should drop her a note, tell her she’s been my inspiration for today.

What’s a meaningful existence… I feel so grateful that I get to explore this question in depth with so many different people. Some aspects seem quite common, but none I’ve come across are universal. What I do know is that finding your own answer/s makes a crucial difference to your sense of wellbeing, focus, drive, engagement, relationships, and your general lived experience as you’re navigating your human condition. So if you ever wnated to explore this, do reach out to an existential coach. Trust me, they’re gonna be super excited to help you figure this out! I certainly am.

With Love