Coaching & Psychedelics?

I’m tempted to write a long bit as to how coaching & psychedelics can benefit each other (and indeed, beyond what I’m already offering, I am in the process of authoring an academics white paper on the topic), but at this point I just wanted to share what might be a historic step in the development of the two:

Two years ago in November, Libby Davy and I organised the first online symposium on Coaching & Psychedelics in an effort to explore how coaches may support clients who seek the help of psychedelic journeys to gain insights, growth and personal development. Following some productive exchange with other professional coaches and a growing community of now over 250 members, we’ve founded an official Interest Group at the start of this year under the umbrella of the MIND Foundation for Psychedelic Science.

Six months of work with bi-weekly meetings we are now in the process of founding a Professional Section and working actively towards creating resources in this area such as ethical frameworks, coaching methodologies, academic articles and more.

If you’re a coach and your interested in joining, reach out and I’ll send you more information.