What’s your poison? 

I remember sitting on a bar stool at a US airport connecting to some random dude who I had just walked into the place with. As we sat down he offered to buy me a drink.

“What’s your poison?”,

he asked with a particular look in his eyes. And for some reason I understood immediately that the question wasn’t about what I felt like drinking at that particular moment, but that he wanted to know what kind of person I was.

I could have said “a beer, thanks”. And he could have just ordered it. Nice gesture.

Instead I asked him for a beer, but told him I like single malt whiskeys, and that recently I’ve been developing a taste for Mezcals.

Whiskey. Mezcal. What does that say about me?

Well about as little as someone else interpreting a dream for you. But heaps if you were to get curious about the story behind the fact.

He didn’t, and we sat there somewhat awkwardly, but if he had asked me what I liked about whiskey, the story of who I was would have begun to unfold.

I might have told him about having married into a Mexican family, about how my dad loves a good whiskey and how we’ve got a Christmas ritual to sit down and have a glass while everybody else is at church. Or I might tell you about acquired tastes, and how people can change simply by choosing to get into something, about the choices people make to connect with others, or about my friend Claudio who once offered me taste of a $200 Bourbon – but to my surprise using a pipette dripping 3 drops directly onto my tongue instead of giving me a glass (I still remember the moment vividly to this day).

And if he had held the silence after that, I’d probably told him how I miss Claudio and that last time I saw him he had gifted me an incredibly eclectic vinyl collection including 2 rare crates of 90s French HipHop. Exploring any of those stories further would open a door deep into my soul, my career, and my life, my philosophy, and you’d really get to know me…

I don’t quite remember why I didn’t ask him about his choice then. Must have been a bit self-absorbed at the time I guess.

Anywho, I had set out to write about something completely different when I started typing, and here I am talking about stories and narratives again https://rocketsupervision.com/its-a-leap-year/. I think my conversation with David Drake, the founder of narrative coaching, is still a lot more present for me than I thought. One of the insights I took away from it is that we don’t really have to ask people directly to “tell me your story”. People tell stories all the time. In fact, they can’t help it!

It may not sound like the classic story in the format we’re used to hearing in the movies or books, but they’re deep and meaningful stories nonetheless, IF we recognize them as such and make the effort to explore them. And sometimes they emerge as rich and colourful as they get, simply by asking something like:

What’s your poison?

And then getting curious…

With Love


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