Who are you?

Who are you?

Not “who are you?”

But “who are you?”

What sits at the core of your being? What makes you you? How would you describe yourself? What drives you? What do you stand for? What are the attributes that define you? How do others perceive you? What’s your “Why”? How would you know you’re being authentic?

Maybe you have an answer to these questions, or… maybe you have a sense of an answer, but no words? Perhaps you’ve got a long list of answers. Maybe you’re drawing a blank…

I could spend a LOT of time musing about the concept of “Self” here… In fact I did, but it got pretty dense and lost the essence of what I was trying to say (thanks Martin!*), so let me leave you with this:

What often emerges in my coaching and supervision room is the question:

“What should I do now?”

And what I’ve learned over the years is that the answers to that question tend to lie in an understanding, an exploration, or a reminder of “who am I?”.

So… who are you?

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I got a bit star struck in this one. If you know me, this is really rare (they’re all just people, after all). You’ll notice it when I’m introducing Jerry for this episode of the Animas podcast Coaching Uncaged.

I got to know Jerry’s work and philosophy back when I started searching for people who employ an existential lense on business and leadership. Jerry and his company Reboot really stuck out. Then I saw him on the Tim Ferriss Show, where he recently made a reappearance. There’s a really special quality to him, and a sense of awareness of others that feels a little daunting. He sees things in people that are really very subtle. This is also a special episode because I had moved into my space in Berlin literally 2 days earlier and didn’t really have any furniture yet.

Anyway, you can watch the episode here or listen here. Enjoy!!

Some of the topics we cover are:

– Leader as coach vs coach as leader
– How to manage moments when you think you know
– Adopting different stances as a coach
– Approaches to re-empowering the client
– Revealing the self vs holding back and the risks in not revealing yourself
– The importance of looking back as well as forward
– The line between coaching and therapy
– The shadow of the coach’s desire
– The role of supervision for coaches
– The role and state of ethics in coaching
– The place and compassion beyond experience
– 6 powerful questions Jerry frequently uses with clients

That’s it for this week! If any of this resonates, make it swing! I’d love to hear from you 🙂

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With Love

[*Martin, my editor, says: Yannick had an enormous set of further questions and thinking related to self – really great stuff, but too dense for a Nugget. That’s why we removed it from today’s Nugget and saved it as a draft, so you’ll have more of this to look forward to soon.]