End of Year Nugget

My priorities these days are still firmly focused on family. Also, the value I attach to time has risen exponentially since a toddler is making demands on my attention, so I’ll keep my end of year Nuggets as short as my little one this year and just leave you with this:

I hate making new year’s resolutions, even though a fair bit of my work centres around making changes and sustaining the results. But hey, we’ve all got demons to fight, and since I’ve turned 40, mine has become exercise, and so it’s time to march into battle.

Making myself do things has never quite gelled with my rebellious nature, and since I love to have diversity in my daily experience as much as possible, routines and habits have not exactly featured heavily in my life.

What really helps in establishing new behaviours where forms of psychoanalysis may have failed so far is to understand the psychology of habits. James Clear writes an excellent blog and book, and I’ll never forget the powerful storytelling and analysis of Charles Duig’s “The Power of Habit”.

If you, like me, don’t have the time this year to dig deep into why the fuck you don’t seem to be able to overcome your obstacles to healthier living this year, have a look at how you may stack a new habit on top of an existing one. I’ll be having a dance every morning with Leah as soon as we’re back in Berlin.

Wish me luck! And if you know me, please ask me how it’s going!! That’ll really help me out 😉

With Love


Next event: “Mr. Embodiment” Mark Walsh live in the Coaching Lab


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