Positive Psychology for times of crisis and transformation

Times of crisis affect us and our clients in various ways.

Some see opportunity, others struggle to keep their lives from falling apart. Some seem unaffected emotionally and just “deal with it”, while others despair. Some of us “accept the challenge” and find meaning in the suffering, others crumble under the weight of the uncertainty or find themselves paralysed by fear and unable to act.

Have you (the coach) ever questioned whether coaching is the right approach for a client in crisis?

Or wondered, if you are willing and able to help a client in crisis?

Perhaps, you’ve considered, “How far can coaches go?” when it comes to helping clients in crisis?

These are a few questions I challenge coaches to consider when working with clients in crisis in my latest blog with Animas. Once considered, I provide insight for coaches on what the science of Positive Psychology can contribute in times of crisis, as well as discuss how Positive Psychology interventions might be integrated into your coaching practice.

Please enjoy this repost from Animas!

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