Coaching Nuggets

I believe in putting your thoughts, questions and experiences out there. You never know what these ripples may turn into or who you might connect with as a result.


It’s a leap (!) year

“It’s a leap year”, my colleague pointed out to me this week.  To most, what that means is that February’s got an extra day to balance the scores of the

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The Paradox of Good Rapport

One of the biggest mistakes I see coaches (and people in general) make is that they’re being too nice. They hesitate to disagree, challenge, confront or otherwise try to avoid

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Is this working?

Ever wondered if you’re doing it right?  Well, duh, I fucking hope so! If you haven’t, I’d be seriously worried.  Excessive self doubt is a serious toxin for relationships, and

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End of Year Nugget

My priorities these days are still firmly focused on family. Also, the value I attach to time has risen exponentially since a toddler is making demands on my attention, so I’ll

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Christmas Priorities

My dad always used to say: “Zeit hat man nicht, Zeit muss man sich nehmen”, which translates roughly as “Nobody has time, you have to make time”. Marrying into a

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Lean into your “weakness”?

Sometimes it’s pretty frustrating to observe my mind at work.  Today was one of those times. Still quite productive I’d say, but in some considerable tension with what the experts

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