Coaching Nuggets

I believe in putting your thoughts, questions and experiences out there. You never know what these ripples may turn into or who you might connect with as a result.


Control vs. Letting go

What’s your relationship with uncertainty? Do you find yourself trying to control outcomes? Perhaps you work hard to make something happen exactly the way you want it to be, or

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What makes you(r AI) happy?

What makes people happy? It’s a question I have explored at depth. Firstly because it seemed like an important question for pretty much everyone I’ve ever met, and most people

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What’s that?!

“Uuuh, what’s that?!? … I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something just happened…” It was during a recent supervision group. Something in her voice had changed. Very

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The Unlock Moment

“Where do we need to start in your story to understand who you are today?” What an excellent entry point into a rich conversation! While, in some way or other,

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Slow down AI now?

This might well be the end of us… was my initial reaction to the emergence of the recent AI development avalanche. Then I entered a consciously positive space and explored

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