Coaching Nuggets

I believe in putting your thoughts, questions and experiences out there. You never know what these ripples may turn into or who you might connect with as a result.


To interrupt or not to interrupt

“The promise that changes everything”. That’s how legendary coach Nancy Kline framed her commitment not to interrupt her clients. Holding space for people’s thinking to take place without anyone interfering,

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Unlived Lives

What makes your heart break?  Martin asked me this question last month, when we sat down in Granada for a weekend to connect, and to talk strategy for 2023.  It

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Who are you?

Who are you? Not “who are you?” But “who are you?” What sits at the core of your being? What makes you you? How would you describe yourself? What drives you? What do you

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The Future of Coaching?

The Future of Coaching?    The Future… hmmmm….      A hazy gaze into the distance.      A hand gesture to wipe away the clouds of uncertainty.    

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A lesson in patience

When I was growing up, my dad was one of the most impatient people I knew. Given how much patience it requires to be an effective coach, rebelling against his

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