Invitation to Yannick’s Coaching Lab

Welcome to Yannick’s Coaching Lab!

Please put your lab coats on and join us every 1st Tuesday of the month to observe a live coaching demonstration, discussion, and get the opportunity to experiment afterwards.

The Coaching Lab brings people together who are committed to their learning, growth and who love to talk about coaching. If you’re a coach who likes to experiment with something new and explore how other people are coaching, you’re at the right address!

Why we started the Coaching Lab

Following a decade of training, coaching and supervision experience, “Yannick’s Coaching Lab” was born from the feedback we often get from training weekends and coaching events. Beginners as well as seasoned coaches tend to tell us that the most valuable part of the learning came from observing the fishbowls, from practicing with each other and the reflective discussions amongst the group. And since it’s difficult to find quality coaching on YouTube and live training events are usually incredibly expensive, we decided to create an event dedicated to all the best bits and for an affordable price.

What happens during the Coaching Lab

Take an inside-look into the inner workings of an experienced coach, find out how and why they’ve made certain decisions and how they choose their interventions. You get to witness how the client is experiencing different coaching approaches and we hope you’ll get lots of inspiration for your own coaching practice.

After the session and discussion you’ll get a chance to work in triads (coach, client, observer) with the other attendees so that you can take your insights and ideas for a spin, experiment with some new tools and techniques or simply practice some coaching and get some valuable feedback on your work. Talking about coaching in small groups and sharing our learning with the rest of the group afterward will help us all grow our understanding and coaching skills.


6:30 Welcome and networking

6:45 Live coaching session

7:30 Debrief & group discussion

8:00 Practice sessions in triads and feedback

9:00 Closing round & sharing Insights

9:30 Close

Due to the current global pandemic, we will be meeting online in our Zoom room instead of in person in London. Part of me is sad we won’t get to hang out in person, another part is excited that we get to expand the community beyond London and the UK.

We’re here to connect as professionals and share our learning with each other.

Here’s a video of Yannick telling you what it’s all about:

More information about upcoming Coach Labs or to purchase tickets, visit my Eventbrite page here.

See you there 🙂

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