A Positive Existential Perspective on Behaviour Change

Change is the holy grail of psychology.

Sometimes it’s easy.

But often, we’re so caught up in our pre-existing patterns, beliefs and habits, that it seems impossible to think or do things differently.

We find ourselves riddled by inner conflicts fueled by mutually exclusive desires. We want to lose weight and also eat what we like. We want to have lots of financial success, but also live comfortably without taking risks. We want to find the right partner, but prefer not to open up and make ourselves vulnerable. We don’t want change when life’s good, but if it stays static for too long, we get bored or even depressed – no matter how good it seems from the outside.

In this talk, I’m presenting a positive-existential perspective on behaviour change. The lecture will integrate findings from the new science of positive psychology within a framework of existential philosophy as applied in the coaching room with clients from all walks of life.

Special thanks to Niall McKeever from The Weekend University for inviting me to speak alongside Mick Cooper and Shahroo Izadi and generally for being an awesome human being.

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