Whose line is it anyway: How far can & should coaches go?

This question keeps popping up for coaches at all levels!

Have you found yourself asking:

  • Is this still coaching?
  • Do I need to refer my client to a therapist?
  • Does my client really need therapy or counselling or can I hold this space myself?
  • Am I allowed to give advise?
  • Is that not something that consultants do?
  • How is this different from just being a friend right now?
  • Where’s the line to mentoring?
  • And what’s the difference between all of these practices?
  • Shouldn’t we work integratively?
  • What about ethics, and morals, and the law, and the framework of my professional coaching body (like the ICF, AC, EMCC)?
  • Would I risk my accreditation if I decided to (continue to) work with this person?
  • And most importantly, is my client at risk?
  • How can I make sure they get the best service possible?
  • Where’s the line? And whose line is it anyway???

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