Business Coaching with Siawash Zahmat

Business Coaching, Siawash Zahmat, Yannick's Coaching Lab

Observe a live coaching demonstration followed by a discussion with coach & client and an opportunity to practice; experiment in triads.

About this Event

Welcome to Yannick’s Coaching Lab!

Every 1st Tuesday of the month we get together to observe a live coaching demo, followed by a debrief and discussion together with the coach and client, and a chance to practice and experiment in triads in breakout rooms afterwards. You’ll get to learn from interesting and experienced practitioners, connect with other coaches and generally have some fun and experiment in a safe and confidential environment.

Your host for the evening

Your host and facilitator is Yannick Jacob, professional coach, trainer and supervisor with over 10 years of experience. Yannick is a published coaching author, teaching faculty at The School of Life and former Programme Leader of the MSc Coaching Psychology at the University of East London.

Featured Coach

This month we welcome Siawash Zahmat, 6-figure performance coach and co-founder of the Muslim Coaching Academy. I’ve known Siawash for some time and have referred several clients to him already with great success. I value his vast knowledge and commitment to invest in himself. He’s trained under Steve Chandler and has been a host on “Talking about Coaching” with me for the past 6 months on our podcast. However, I’ve never seen him in action so I’m extra excited that he’s followed my invitation to be a guest on the Coaching Lab.

About Siawash:

Siawash is a former professional poker player and earned a renowned reputation and success within the scene. Having gone through a life-changing experience, he was inspired to re-evaluate his journey and stepped away in order to pursue a more fulfilling career.

This is when Siawash immersed himself even more into self-development and chose to be a force in changing people’s lives, which subsequently led him to become a coach.

His enthusiasm and drive to change the coaching space for the better has been a force in always delivering excellence. His style of coaching is all about leading from a place of love and being fearless with his clients and moving into action based outcomes believing that the client is whole and resourceful. He uses a fusion of NLP, the inside out understanding and his own style of coaching to give them exceptional results and become leaders in their industry.

His clients range from CEO’s to a variety of different coaches and entrepreneurs.

Siawash now co-runs a number of exclusive programs where like minded entrepreneurs and coaches get together to create shifts leading them to more success and aid them in growing and scaling their businesses.

About the Lab:

Join us for an inside-look into the inner workings of coaching, find out how and why coaches make certain decisions and how they choose their interventions. You get to witness how the client is experiencing different coaching approaches and we hope you’ll get lots of inspiration for your own coaching practice.

After the fishbowl and discussion you’ll get a chance to work in triads (coach, client, observer) with the other attendees so that you can take your insights and ideas for a spin, experiment with some new tools and techniques or simply practice some coaching and get some valuable feedback on your work from fellow professional or curious lay clients. Talking about coaching in small groups and sharing our learning with the rest of the group afterward will help us all grow our understanding, knowledge and coaching skills.

Plan for the evening:

  • 6:30 Welcome and networking
  • 6:45 Live coaching session
  • 7:30 Debrief & group discussion
  • 8:15 Optional practice sessions in triads/breakout rooms
  • 9:00 Sharing Insights
  • 9:30 Finish

Session recordings – where coach and client give their permission for the session to be used for training purposes (they will have 1 week post-event to veto or request edits), recordings will be made available to members, ticket holders of the event as well as ticket holders of the following event. This also means that by participating in the Q&A and discussion you agree to be recorded.

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